The Porquestrians

Dimensions: 670mm x 410mm

Drawn: 2008

See text below.

This was another piece drawn with the specific intention of being entered in the ‘It's Showtime’ category of the Royal Adelaide Show of 2008.

I was awarded third prize for this piece, which I was pleased with.

Clearly it is a picture of pig racing, and surprisingly one that I succumbed to abandoning earlier than I would have originally liked, due to the Show deadline, as well as my leg injury. As it stands, now that I am used to it, I really like this one personally, as it shows myself that I am capable of ‘finishing’ a piece without the usual polish (and the many hours that go along with that).

I hope that in the future, I can continue to develop this, and break down my art into simpler forms, that still have photographic elements from a distance, but become more and more cryptic to the viewer as they approach the work.