Of Wolves and Shadow

Dimensions: 645mm x 505mm

Drawn: 2009

See text below.

Another piece featuring Norwegian supergroup Ulver. This band continues to evolve from album to album at such a rate, that if it occurred in the natural world, it would be classed as mutation.

Never knowing what you're in for, and never being disappointed with what you've been offered is how I see Ulver.

They are at the core of my musical taste, and their philosophies agree with my own. There is music that I listen to that I would never have thought that I would, because of the cleansing effect they have had on my ability to listen. If there is no mind behind music, there is no need for there to be a mind within the listener.

The harder music is to really hear, for what it is, the deeper the appreciation once you fully understand. The music you like the first time you hear it rarely stays with you through life, but the music that takes time and patience to hear, will be with you forever.