Dimensions: 685mm x 380mm

Drawn: 2007

See text below.

This piece is of a photo that I took on our trip to Broken Hill. This is a monument to all of the miners who have lost their lives working in the mines at broken hill. It is built on top a giant slagheap, created from the mine. There is also a nice restaurant on top of the heap where you can sit in a glass corner that sits over the precipice while you eat your lunch. Very nice.

There are quite a few names on plaques in there, a haunting reminder of the past and the perils of the industry, but to me the most sobering aspect of the monument is the amount of space left blank for future entries.

Endless horizons in pretty much every direction, this is a beautiful place to be. If you are ever in Broken Hill, make sure you have a look, and make sure you take your time.

A difficult piece for me, as it is very rigid and symmetrical, I have never attempted to draw anything this structured before. I left the sky plain paper to help the viewer appreciate the absolute nothingness above you.