Leonardo Da Vinci

Dimensions: 490mm x 645mm

Drawn: 2009

See text below.

I originally wanted to draw a version of the Mona Lisa, something I came up with while thinking about the Dürer Duty series. The Mona Lisa is very well recognized, and highly regarded as a very fine example of art indeed, so to take the challenge, and honour to be able to recreate this piece in charcoal, and see how it stacked up against the original was a very attractive concept indeed. So through this, I decided that I would first like to draw the master himself, based solely upon a piece that he himself had drawn and recognized to be a good semblance to himself.

The original sketch was a line art drawing, so to try to flesh it out and bring it to life was my intention, and I feel that I have offered a drawing that people would recognize even without a title.

There was so much hair to draw in this piece, one could make the mistake that it may be Leonardo Da Kashyyyk instead.

I have not commenced the Mona Lisa piece as yet, as I can be a very busy boy, but I can assure you that I will get around to it!