Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here

Dimensions: 666mm x 666mm

Drawn: 2007

See text below.

This piece was drawn as a result of Mick Kenney (musician, artist) putting out a call through MySpace for album artwork. The album was called Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here, a title that I thought was a brilliant image, and how true.

So I started one piece, which was completely drawn over, which you can watch in my video gallery, how it starts and then the entire process of drawing the piece to completion.

I ended up with the devils screaming toward earth through tunnels from hell, like sperm racing down a fallopian tube to fertilise an egg, they race to the surface to impregnate the world with their evil and filth.

The piece was drawn to Mick's music, but the music on the video is a track from [tomb], the newest product from one of Adelaide's finest musicians. If you like your music manic and heavy, check out Mick Kenney's band Anaal Nathrakh, and if you like it slow and heavy, go to the [tomb] myspace page.