Dimensions: 830mm x 585mm

Drawn: 2006

See text below.

This is the second piece in the trilogy I drew in first year drawing.

It is based on a statue, and I wanted to try to bring it to life. I am not sure I did as well as I could now, but this was amongst the first ten charcoal images I ever created, and I have learned so much since then.

There are elements of this work that I would like to revisit, but something about the rawness of the image, as opposed to today's more ‘polished’ pieces, appeals to me.

Bold simpler shapes that still look photographic from a distance, while losing recognition up close is what I originally set out to do with Charcoal, and it seems that I have been caught up with the attention to detail, and stepped away from this original thought process. I have endeavoured to recapture the essence of these early works, but it is taking a while to break down the self-imposed disciplines I have bestowed upon myself.

I'll get there.