Every Player Wins A Prize

Dimensions: 675mm x 460mm

Drawn: 2008

See text below.

This piece was drawn with the specific intention of being entered into the ‘It's Showtime‘ category of the 2008 Royal Adelaide Show.

I had to draw this sitting on a stool, with my leg laid on an ironing board that was tied to the top of the stool, sloping down to the ground, as my leg was badly damaged in an extreme sporting injury (indoor netball).

I always loved the clowns as a child, and every year I would look forward to having a game on the way out after a long day at the Show.

I won't go into the working title of this piece, as this is a family show (somewhat), but it kept me laughing along the way to think about if I actually entered it under this name.

I chose to add the red pastel on the clowns' mouths, as I thought that this would add to the overall look of the piece. It is funny what a little dash of colour makes, I find it intriguing. The integration of colour has certainly commenced. I want to play, but first I have to work.