Dimensions: 830mm x 585mm

Drawn: 1996

See text below.

This piece was drawn as a part of a trilogy while I was in first year drawing at art school, before I spat it and went to jewellery.

This image is actually a still life, based on this little cherub statue that I bought at a trash and treasure for 20c and painted blood dripping from its eyes using acrylic paint.

I drew this image using charcoal, and drew the blood using my own blood that my understanding GP of the day gladly took out for me to draw with.

One of my best friends, Daniel, bought the piece almost as soon as it was dry, and out of respect for this final visual image, as well as to increase the significance of the work for Daniel, the original cherub figurine has been discarded. This is all that remains.

The other thirds of the trilogy are a piece that was an extreme close up of a cherubs face from a statue, and a piece that we don't really talk about.