Brian Warner

Dimensions: 465mm x 665mm

Drawn: 2007

See text below.

This is a piece that I started along with three others, prior to the Marilyn Manson Tour in Adelaide in 2007. I have always liked this image, how the hands seem to hold a floating head. It is very black and white in as much as it is either there, or it is not there.

I haven't done many drawings that include tattoos, and this was a good one to do, as his tattoos translate simply and effectively to charcoal.

I think this is something that I may explore further in the future, drawing tattoos that is. I would like to do a series maybe around this theme.

Anyhow, this piece I think shows humanness in Mr. Warner that is seldom seen. I rank him as one of the more interesting people on this rock, that is for sure.