Sides With Death

Dimensions: 485mm x 500mm

Drawn: 2008

See text below.

This one I guess you could say, was spawned originally from a line of the Cradle of Filth song, Queen of Winter, Throned. The quote that I think set the spark is as follows:

In raven feathered dress
Sides with Death at chess
Their pawns are many and the enemy

I have wanted to do some work involving chess pieces, as chess has always been one of my favourite sports. It requires both skill and intelligence, and I feel that it develops the ability to think correctly in order to plan and live a structured, fulfilling life.

The pawn before the queen seems to have an apparition of a skull on it's face, or is it the reflection of he who stands before him. Who is really in trouble here?

I thoroughly enjoyed drawing chess pieces; so lucky you can expect to see more chess related pieces in the future.