Dimensions: 455mm x 525mm

Drawn: 2003

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Better not stuff this one up.

Kylie, wow there simply are no words to communicate the magnitude of effect the simple act of a smile could create. The depth of my love for Kylie knows no bounds. She accepts me for who I am and loves me unconditionally. Kylie has given a warmth to my cold, dark heart that I never knew was possible, and helped me reach out to push my dreams into the world. My hand is always here for her to hold for as long as she will let me walk beside her.

Kylie is an incredible singer, and it is a joy to hear her when she sings. She is an amazing mother and a beautiful woman. Proof that I am, indeed, a lucky man. I am proud to be able to call myself her husband, and could not think of a better person to forge on through the chaos with.