Twisted Nails of Faith

Dimensions: 575mm x 820mm

Drawn: 2007

See text below.

This piece was started late into the night of the site launch party, and on the far side of the journey that is a bottle of Bombay Sapphire!

I wanted to start a drawing to mark this occassion, and give my remaining guests a chance to watch a piece be created. The original concept of this piece came from a project that I did for art school in my first year.

I had made a cross out of some wood, and hammered nails into it, bending them over where appropriate to suggest the body of Christ on the Cross.

I left the piece unattended for a while at the party, after having lined it up and blackening the lower right corner, only to return to find Daniel, Fij and James all working on the piece, blackening in a corner each. I left them to it, hoping that there wasn't too much that could go wrong.

The following morning, when the time came to clean up, I saw that they had not only coloured in the corners, but they had left greetings on the nails as well. Luckily these could almost entirely be removed, and once I had rendered the detail of the piece they were gone (unless you know where to look). I left the black areas as they drew them as best I could, so their input would be how they left it, so thanks guys for your help with this one.

This turned into a remarkable image, and has probably given me the most positive feedback. There is just something about it that just draws your eye in, and makes you want to look at it, so in that respect I would have to say it must be one of my more successful efforts at art, as art should be about making people want to look.