Ten Apples

Dimensions: 490mm x 695mm

Drawn: 2003 - 2006

See text below.

Dr Seuss has been a personal favourite of mine since I was a child, and a love I have passed on to my son Devin. The book Ten Apples Up On Top! is not a traditional Dr Seuss book, as it is illustrated by Tony McKee, but was written by Dr Seuss as Theo. LeSeig, (his real name was Theodore Giesel). I have read this book to Devin about 100 times, and we still love it.

We decided we were going to do some drawing together, so we chose to each draw the picture from inside the cover from the book Ten Apples Up On Top! Devin's medium of choice was coloured markers on paper, while I chose red paper and pastels with charcoal.

Devin finished his drawing that day, and mine was finally finished a few years later. Colour frightens me.