Plastic Flowers Smile Forever

Dimensions: 580mm x 800mm

Drawn: 2002 - 2006

See text below.

One of my favourite drawings, this piece is a collection of still life drawings done in succession on one piece of paper to become one image. The sunflower is actually about ten times the size of the dead daisies, but I wanted them to be all the same size. The daisies I think came from someone's wedding, but I'm not sure whose. I don't know why I kept them in the first place, but I decided to draw them as soon as they started to wither.

I guess this piece could be a statement about the impact man is having on the environment, and how even after we have destroyed all life, things like this plastic sunflower and all of our other refuse are going to be around for a long, long time.

Finishing this piece spanned a few years, and I always know that it would be first piece that I had produced onto a t-shirt, and although it almost wasn't due to my own impatience, I am glad that I got it back from Grant's just in time, and there are still a few of this run of t-shirts available. There were only 50 produced, and no more will be made from this particular frame.