Not So Noisy Now

Dimensions: 705mm x 500mm

Drawn: 2004

See text below.

This was the second of the Mr Men drawings that I drew. I had the basic idea for a while, and I made it into a shrinky dink for my wife, Kylie. While very different to Not So Funny Now, they carry the same feel. I would hope the viewer feels their pain, their desperation and sense of helplessness. You know it's mean, but you laugh at them anyway.

This piece instigated the creation of my Mr Men mug. At present it is a one-off, but I am looking into putting at least a few mugs for sale in the near future, so if you want one, send us an email, because the future may already have been and gone, if this page is still floating around forgotten on the web 10 years from now, hey?

I tried using a brush on charcoal with this piece, but was not impressed at the time, nor have I been impressed with subsequent tests. I know that it's wrong, but there will be more Mr Men work to come, two Mr Funny paintings are already underway.