Not So Funny Now

Dimensions: 500mm x 755mm

Drawn: 1999

See text below.

While I was studying under the watchful eye of Mr Don Ellis at the North Adelaide School of Art, I had an assignment for jewellery casting (production), that had seen me working with wax spheres in the construction of art objects and jewellery using a variety of metals. While I was working on this project, I did a doodle of a pendant that I would make from acrylic, one of my wax spheres and some wax wire to construct a Mr Tickle crucifix. This crucifix at this time remains unmade, but a few years later, I though it would make a nice drawing.

So I drew it.

Drawn under the working title "Praying for a tickle, beside a river by moonlight", this was the first of the Mr Men works. The pendant will one day be made.