Hey John, do you know a good chiropractor?

Dimensions: 895mm x 625mm

Drawn: 2007

See text below.

This is a study of a piece by Salvador Dalí titled Christ of St John of the Cross.

I do like images of Jesus, they always seem to stir up some emotion, and the image of the crucifix is an extremely powerful visual. I have also always had a soft spot for the work of Dalí. His work consistently delivers the viewer with something to think about, not just something to look at. One of histories more colourful entries, Dalí lived an interesting life to say the least.

This particular painting has always been one that has moved me, so when I wanted to do my first drawings of Jesus, there was really no question where I would begin. Filming the drawing of this piece was the first proper movie that I made, and shows the entire production of the work. You can view it in the video gallery. The movie is about 8 minutes long, and I left it as a silent piece. I was happy with how it felt, but sound doesn't travel well at 64 times speed!

I love the final look of this work, and look forward to doing many more images of Jesus. I am older now than he got to be.