Buzz Lightyear

Dimensions: 490mm x 690mm

Drawn: 2004

See text below.

Hmm. This was a drawing that I drew for my son, Devin. He has loved Buzz since he met him, and he wanted something new for his bedroom, and to take down the Tubby picture, as he had well and truly outgrown the Teletubbies (thank God!).

I wanted to depict Buzz with as much human realism as I could and was thinking something like using Arnie's features, or someone like that, in Buzz's suit, but I think the idea got hijacked along the way, and there ended up a little more Ripping Friend in there than anyone who actually exists. Here's to you John K, love your work.

Anyhoo, Devin loved the end result, and I couldn't be prouder. Buzz Lightyear is a defender of the galaxy, and a credit to the Star Corps, so it was an honour to have the opportunity to draw his portrait. I just hope that he gets the chance to see it, all the way out in Gamma Quadrant.