South Of Heaven

Dimensions: 670mm x 355mm

Drawn: 2007

See text below.

This is a portrait of the band Slayer. I drew this hoping for an opportunity to meet with the band when they toured Australia mid-2007. I looked for ages for an image of this photo, as something happened to my copy of South of Heaven.

Slayer were a huge part of my youth, and I still give them a spin fairly regularly. Their music is full of raw energy and great to draw to. I had many drunken sing-a-longs with Jason and Chad, two good childhood friends.

I had to get this piece done in only a few days, so I worked long hours to get it done. We didn't manage to get tickets to the concert, so Kylie, Devin and myself went down to the Thebarton Theatre and had a picnic out the back. The stage doors were left wide open, so hearing the show was no problem, and by this stage of the week, I certainly didn't need to know what they looked like.

We didn't actually get to show the band my work, as they jumped into their van and headed off as soon as the show ended, probably for a malted milk and bed. They are getting on now after all. Anyhow, I was glad to be prompted into action to do this piece, as sometimes I need a little kick start, and I felt honoured to do this piece in tribute to all that Slayer has brought into this world.