Devin Townsend

Dimensions: 465mm x 630mm

Drawn: 1999

See text below.

Once again, an extremely talented young man, with an extensive collection of releases under his belt already. Beginning his recording career around 15 years of age, he has continued to put out album after album of masterpieces, a certified process of music, everything that Devin is involved with is assured to be of the utmost quality.

This man is also the namesake of my own son. I had not heard much of Mr Townsend's work, and I had just bought his Ocean Machine CD, which had stickers on it saying "featuring Devin Townsend of Strapping Young Lad. I had heard very little SYL, but liked what I had, and I had bought the Ocean Machine album after hearing one song. I thought the name Devin was a great name, so the decision was made. Lucky it turned out that he would also be named after a great man.

The two Devin's met when Master C was about three months old, which I thought was a pretty cool thing, just a pity Dev was too young to remember.