Cornelius von Jakhelln

Dimensions: 510mm x 690mm

Drawn: 2007

See text below.

Everyone should have the opportunity to hear the work of Cornelius. A very busy young man and quite the overachiever (fortunately for us!), he is a successful recording artist, and a recognised author and philosopher.

As for my own knowledge, I can only say that he comes across as a gentleman, and as is growing ever rarer with people today, a genuinely intersting and interested person.

I knew that this piece would make a great drawing as soon as I saw it, and I think that I captured the feel of the fabric of his suit. The Thor's Hammer pendant was something different to draw, and I ended up using a little bit of white charcoal pencil. I have only ever used this pencil previously to sign my work, as any white in my work is the paper, but I think the pendant looks the better for it.

I look forward to reading his novel, if it is ever published in English, and I hope he enjoys this image I have created in his likeness.