Chad Gray

Dimensions: 520mm x 660mm

Drawn: 2007

See text below.

Vocalist for Mudvayne. I really liked the idea of drawing this one, as I thought it would be an ‘easier’ one, and one that I knew would turn out right even before I began. It turned out however, to be more detailed and subtle than I had presumed.

I can't put into words how happy I was with the end result, as it turned out far beyond how I had imagined it.

Chad's voice has quite the range and contrast, he can make you feel inspired, angry, elated, or any other colour in the spectrum of emotion through the emotion that he sings with. I saw Mudvayne being interviewed while they were in Australia for the Big Day Out, and their music and personal demeanour really appealed to me, and I have been a huge fan ever since. If any one reading this knows them, please tell them to have a look. I would love to know what they think.