The Lyn Commission

Dimensions: 397mm x 579mm

Drawn: 2005

See text below.

This piece was commissioned through the existence of the original Helix Art site that Kylie built for me. Upon seeing this site Wayne was impressed and wanted a portrait for his wife, as he thought that one of my originals was the perfect gift for the woman who had everything. I was given a collection of photocopies of photos that he thought might work well, and I decided upon a few bits from a few of the images.

Once I had sketched out the composite image, I emailed it to him for his thoughts, which were to proceed with the final piece. The lighting on each image I had to use varied in both direction and intensity, making this an interesting piece for me to create, as I tried to seamlessly stitch the pieces together. It all came together nicely, and both Wayne and his wife were pleased with the result.