Birds In Flight

Dimensions: 1035mm x 600mm

Drawn: 2006-2007

See text below.

Some friends of my parents were directed to the original Helix Art site that was put up by my beautiful wife, Kylie. They were impressed and expressed an interest in having me draw a picture of pelicans for them, as they have an affinity with the river, and wanted something to remind them of it while they were at home. I agreed to do the piece, and after much stock hunting, I settled on an image, and decided to do it pretty big, so I conveyed this through Ma & Pa, and was told to do what I wanted, and they would 'have a look', so I got to work, amid the construction of the Burnt Wood Studio. This piece remains the only piece to have been blasted with 250km/h wind!

Upon completion, they decided for whatever reason not to purchase the piece, so now it is available for purchase through McCarthur's Australian Art Gallery, Broken Hill Australia.