The Broken Hill Series

The Broken Hill Series was commissioned by a businessman who is also a resident of Broken Hill. He saw the Kevin Charles Hart portrait in MacCarthurs Australian Art Gallery, also based in Broken Hill. The Hart piece was a commission by MacCarthurs Gallery, as their proprietor was a friend of Pro.

I was contacted, and invited to go to the Silver City, to meet with, we'll call him, John. So I went with Kylie over the Easter break in 2007.

As a result, I was commissioned a further nine works, all to be executed in charcoal, exploring various aspects of Broken Hill, including it's history and surrounding region. The brief was brief, to say the least. John asked that one piece was to include the Royal Flying Doctor in some way, and he gave me some archival images that he owned to use or not as I wished. Other than that, it was completely left open to me.

So we travelled the area, camera in hand and had a good holiday.

This gallery houses images created as a result of that trip.

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